Montag, 27. August 2007

Impressions the road with Binh ...

Dark promising skies on the way into the mekong delta

Elephant Waterfalls

Roadkill the other way around

From Bao Loc down into the valley a vast beautiful scenery stretches out in front of your eyes.
... when it's not raining.

Barber or electric Brain surgeant?

aaah ... CUTE!

okay... these guys ship rice...

.. but do they really have the right adress?
(... or someone just must love rice pudding)

a monk and his guard dog ... that almost bit me, stupid thing.

Okay back to Indiana Jones Nostalgy. No, these are not fruits - but huge bats with a span up to five feet ... They are not out for your blood though... phew...

Homestay in a family in the Mekong Delta. Mr. Vuon on the left has lived in the cu chi tunnel system during the war. When I asked him if they had any medicine he said no. "erything that got badly infected had to be sawed off" I asked if they had some kind of local narcosis. He laughed: "No, that unlucky guy just had to sing the national anthem"

.... a great evening ended with singing sad melancholic vietnames love songs...
... needless to say singing along with them didn't make much sense.


davidmaas hat gesagt…

Okay guys... continuity!
Lescek shows everyone fatigued, sleepless and wet to the bone.
In Bernhard's photos - everyone's always smiling!
What filter are you using!?
Love the waterfalls! And rice boat!

Toner hat gesagt…

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Briefkasten smartie hat gesagt…

Das ist ja ein gigantischer Wasserfall und ich finde Wasserfall Bilder immer wieder schön.
Briefkasten smartie