Sonntag, 12. August 2007


After renting two moto's we drove up from Hoi An to Hue, sleeping and relaxing on Lang Co Beach - a great mountain/seaside ride. Many stunning and strange things along the way, one of it being the construction of something that reminded us of the tower of Pisa - same size, no apparent sense and even more crooked.

Also, driving through Danang was a great start into the vietnamese "traffic": something that resembles driving bumper cars: everyone is going in all directions except you are riding a motorbike and NOT trying to hit anyone.
I recently find myself just spending my days driving (hopelessly lost) around the 6 Mio. sized city of Saigon ... its great ... and you see so many things you wouldn't get to see in any other way!

Tomb of Tu Duc, Hue

But sorry ... our Blog we're still in central Vietnam, where we spent two days visiting the emperor's tombs among other sights around Hue - and eating at a famous restaurant that once was recommended in the lonely planet. (Since then it is surrounded by 5 similarly named restaurants that claim to be the original that was recommended by lonely planet in the first place) Here we met the two German Doctors: Thomas, a lad of 2meters (this equals being a superstar in Vietnam) and Elmar, who worked over a year in Bangkok and told us everything we needed to know about having a pleasant private live. No further details ;)

So this is Thomas is swimming in the "Perfume River", which you will realise is a very deceiving name - once you stood by the riverside looking at the pieces floating by. But brave Thomas wasn't afraid - and while we stood there watching him in a puzzling mixture of disgust and respect, a little girl was so impressed that she drew Thomas in his underpants. Unfortunately the paper wasn't quite big enough to fit his legs.

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