Montag, 6. August 2007

Chopping along

Riding from Hoi An to Hue and back


Sven hat gesagt…

richtig knuspriges bild vom leszek. gleicht sogar etwas dem jungen Che.

Bin gespannt auf mehr!! (c:

infamousbern hat gesagt…
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infamousbern hat gesagt…

Yes, you can put Leszek in a 5 Star Hotel Lounge he will still look adventurous.
I can be covered in Mud in the middle of a Jungle wrestling a tiger, and i will still look like grandma's darling.

it's hopeless ...

Sven hat gesagt…

You have to show us first to prove it, will you? (c;

infamousbern hat gesagt…

I will try to get photographic proof:

Covered in Mud - no problem
Jungle - no problem
But how will I get Leszek to slip into his tiger dress for me?!

Maybe that will be difficult.
I will try.